Re: archival Kreutz comet

Robert Pickard

Nice! Also Worachate, I reported a C2 Kreutz from 20071024 earlier in the month that was visible with the duo of known Kreutz, visible in five images and consistent. What are your thoughts on that one? I asked Trygve and Peter for their thoughts and they agree that it has a good chance. 

On Tue, Jul 20, 2021, 3:58 AM Worachate <worachateb@...> wrote:
Hello Rafał,

I have looked at it several times already and I think it has high potential to be real. Your first four positions seem to be good but I'm not sure about the remainder.

I think I can see these possible positions:
15:06 252 920
15:30 269 903

I'm rather hesitant about endorsing it until now because, as Robert said, the quality of the images is bad. However, I think I will do to encourage Karl to check it.


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