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An ongoing Messaging space for the SOHOhunter and StereoHunter  yahoo groups. This group will be largely dedicated to reporting and sharing of information related to the SOHO LASCO and SECCHI STEREO satellites that release public data. This data can be used to discover your own sungrazing comet if you know how. That is what can be shared here, the knowledge and know how from many long term comet hunters. So, What is a SunGrazer? ( ) Please make yourself aware of the terms and condition before applying to this group. It will be moderated, by a select  few of sharing comet enthusiasts. It is a public group.
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • SunGrazer | SOHO
    A SOHO specific subgroup for any SOHO info you care to share.
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  • SunGrazer | STEREO
    SECCHI/STEREO related comet messages and info.
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  • SunGrazer | WISPR
    Public messaging and learning forum for users of publically released WISPR image data. Looking for comet and asteroid movers, and other interesting things.
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